4 Big Ideas

A child develops at the centre of a wider complex world.

Our children thrive in a world that is connected.

A child grows in an eco-system of care, influence and support. In youngballymun we believe everything in a child's world is connected. Homes, families, friends, relatives, carers, health services, pre-schools and schools. Each link connects, forming a critical eco system around the child. When parts of the system aren't working, the child is held back. Or the child can be failed. youngballymun is here to ensure this eco-system is strong and we support the community of Ballymun in creating a skilled, flourishing environment where children thrive.

A child's life is a series of connected crucial stages each strengthening the next

Each stage needs an investment of the best knowledge and skills - and adequate resources.

We work with children and families ensuring that all the pillar supports and services are in place at the right times beginning with infancy, through the vital early years, and in every year of primary school - building a strong platform for success in secondary school and beyond. Every aspect of a child's life and development requires tailored supports, skills, knowledge and resources.

youngballymun is at the centre of a collective community-wide, skills-deep response.

The people who live and work in Ballymun are the heroes of change for the children of the area.

Parents, children, early years educators, teachers, public health nurses, speech and language therapists, psychologists, youth workers, family support workers, social workers - and so many more - are every day on the frontline of change and progress. 

At policy-level, Government is committed to interagency, cross-community services and to tackling child poverty. It takes a collective effort - practice and policy - to deliver collective impact. That collective impact needs to be planned, negotiated, coordinated, supported and with so many committed and skilled people, professionals and services involved, Youngballymun is proud to do so.

We are ambitious for children. Ambitious for our community. Ambitious for urgent and lasting change.

Childhood can't wait. The damage that entrenched barriers like child poverty and disadvantage cause to children's lives and learning must be tackled - with urgency.

Children can't wait. Childhood only exists in the here and now. Children in families stressed by financial hardship and joblessness will not be as happy, healthy, nor do as well at school as they can and should. The difficulties that harm childhood must be solved during childhood. That's why youngballymun is driving the need for urgency and providing answers and solutions.

The child benefits. The community strengthens. We learn. We share our learning. National policy improves. More children benefit.