Sr Stan and Danny McCoy Launch youngballymun Campaign to Cherish All Children

Well-known activist for social justice and equality, Sr Stanislaus Kennedy and head of Ibec, the leading national voice of business in Ireland, Danny McCoy joined forces with youngballymun to launch an important campaign to tackle the causes and effects of child poverty.

The campaign highlights the seriousness and urgency of child poverty in Ireland, with one in every nine children living in consistent poverty in 2014.  Poverty, particularly in childhood, is related to life outcomes across multiple areas including wellbeing, mental health and literacy.

Statements in support of the campaign were made by both Sr. Stan and Danny McCoy

The campaign, Cherish All Children: 100 Faces, 100 Stories, 100 Days to Make a Difference, is launched at a critical time in the political cycle, immediately following the general election.  With the election of the 32nd Dáil, the first 100 days of a new parliament is crucial for setting the agenda of the new government over its term of office. 

youngballymun, along with campaign supporters, strongly believes that the new government must make tackling the causes and effects of child poverty a priority in 2016. The campaign is to ensure that is central to the new government's vision and plans.

The campaign is an opportunity to share the faces and stories of those who have been involved in the change journey so far in youngballymun to tackle the causes and effects of poverty - children, parents and practitioners in health, early years, education and family and community services - together with messages from well-known advocates for equality and social change. 

Sr Stan and Danny McCoy are joined by Fr Seán Healy of Social Justice Ireland and John-Mark McCafferty of St Vincent de Paul in the campaign.

For each of the 100 days following the general election, youngballymun will release an image and a quote about the importance of addressing the causes and effects of child poverty and about the impact of the change journey has had in Ballymun.  The faces will include parents, children, health workers, teachers, early years educators and others in Ballymun as well as selection of well-known people.  Accompanied by the hashtag #cherishallchildren, the images will be published on Twitter and Facebook. Sr Stan sent the first Tweet of the campaign at the launch.