Delivering value for money and real public sector reform

Every year, significant investment is made in public and community services in communities that experience high levels of disadvantage.  Unfortunately however, measurable, sustained child learning and wellbeing outcomes rarely match national averages and norms.  Some of the reasons for this include

  • Poor design and integration of services with fewest resources targeted at the beginning of life cycle
  • Services for children and families focused on crisis response at the expense of promotion, prevention and early intervention
  • Absence of evidence-informed culture in service planning, funding strategies, service development and delivery
  • Lack of parental engagement, ownership and take up of services

The economic consequences of failing to appropriately support child development are immense. 

The youngballymun way of doing things is different.  It is an area-based Prevention and Early Intervention strategy that is driving real time, real world, meaningful public sector reform where significant changes in practice and outcomes have been achieved in a very short period of time.    Achieving this type of systems change is notoriously difficult.  The youngballymun model works by developing together an integrated services plan based on identified child, family and community need. Capacity building, mentoring and supports enable staff teams and organisational partners to deliver on that plan. Evidence-based practice is embedded locally and services are delivered more efficiently and effectively. 

It is now vital that effective public services are delivered by teams and organisations operating in a different way, to achieve higher level outcomes for children and families, within existing budgets.  A comprehensive area-based prevention and early intervention strategy like youngballymun provides a catalyst to unlock enormous added value from the spend in local areas of disadvantage on health, education, family, youth and community services and deliver improved child, family and community outcomes.   A Value for Money study has been undertaken on youngballymun and demonstrates significant returns on investment.