Our Prevention and Early Intervention model

youngballymun is an area-based Prevention and Early Intervention strategy working to improve outcomes in education, health and mental health for children and families in Ballymun.  We also work with wider partners at national level and in other communities challenged by poverty and disadvantage to disseminate and share the learning from our work. 

One Model - 6 key features

1. Life Cycle Response

  • Connected interventions and integrated services across all the milestones of a child's life from pre birth to adolescence to realise strengths, to maximise potential and to develop resilience
  • An integrated community strategic plan with shared service initiatives across health, education and community settings
  • Activation of parent and community resources
  • Consistent focus on social and emotional development and learning across the life cycle

For a more detail on our services across the life cycle read (pdf)

For more information about our integrated approach, click here

2.  Innovation

  • Addressing real needs, using evidence-based practice, focussed on outcomes and measuring results
  • Building on local strengths and resources
  • Bringing implementation science and real world practice together

For more information about evidence-based practice, click here.

3.  Capacity Building

  • Training, upskilling and mentoring people, practitioners and partners in evidence-based practice in key fields to strengthen services
  • Cross-sectoral, cross-community and parent focus

4.  Sustainability

  • Ensuring that our prevention and early intervention strategy is embedded in key systems and mainstream services such as health services, early years centres, schools, youth and community projects
  • Multi annual change strategy to drive prevention and early intervention
  • Rigorous measurement and assessment of progress and challenges

5. Replicability

  • Making sure that we configure, evaluate and communicate the work so that effective practice can be replicated
  • Building in systems of data collection and analysis

6. Value for Money

  • Ensuring that rigorous cost benefit analysis informs all activities
  • Making sure the model delivers impressive cost savings and return on investment for Ireland
  • Rebalanced public investment through key Government departments in cost-effective and efficient prevention and early intervention services to children and families