Research and Results

youngballymun builds a collective culture of accountability to the local community, to families and to funders for results, demonstrating the outcomes from the investment of time and resources, and communicating implementation learning and challenges.  All of our services, as well as the initiative as a whole, have been subject to independent evaluation and outcomes continue to be tracked and monitored on an ongoing basis.   At the core of our 'knowing what works' philosophy is a commitment to data collection systems, data analysis, implementation and outcomes monitoring, research and evaluation.  

In 2015/6 youngballymun pioneered the innovative Performance Story Report approach to evaluating complex community change initiatives.

Details about this evaluation are available here

Our independent evaluations reports are available here

youngballymun is part of the overall ABC evaluation being underaken by the Centre for Effective Services.  

Data Collection

Collecting data to establish baselines, and to check on progress is an essential element of accounting to service users, the community and funders  in order to ensure the delivery of locally credible services to maintain transparent practice and maintain funder investment. However, there is at national and local levels across health, education and community systems a dearth of data collection, analysis and communications systems.

youngballymun is working with statutory and community partners to embed rigorous, reliable and usable data monitoring systems across our services.  Such systems are critical for robust appraisal and evaluation and are also essential for effective local communication on service uptake and engagement. Click here for some facts and figures on service level engagement in youngballymun


youngballymun understands evaluation in a broad sense and we emphasise the information-processing and reflective practice functions of evaluation.  The feedback of research findings at multiple levels, to participants in the research, to local partners to wider audience is is vitally important. youngballymun has an extensive communications plan for our research work which has been devised with our local partners.

A key goal of our evaluation programme is to influence decision-making and policy development and to this end, youngballymun promotes a research and evaluation culture that is transparent, and that stresses accountability, independence and credibility. We encourage open commentary, dialogue and debate regarding both the implementation of the youngballymun strategy and the findings from the evaluation studies.

Click here for information on the evaluation programme and timeline