Incredible Years

Incredible Years Service (aimed at children aged 5-12, their parents and their schools),  now based in Unit 8, Ballymun Shopping Centre, Ballymun, Dublin 11
Telephone: 862 4564

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What is Incredible Years?

Incredible Years - an integrated teacher, parent and child programme - is a school and home evidence-based programme proven to support positive emotional and social development in primary-school aged children and to address behaviour management.

The Incredible Years service is designed in collaboration with schools and community organisations and is delivered in partnership with Archways, the national promoter of Incredible Years in Ireland.

Incredible Years focuses on positive behaviour management that coaches children in sharing, building relationships, recognising and managing feelings, choosing appropriate behaviours and dealing with anger and conflict.  The programme works both in school and home settings.


Dina School

Dina School programmes are co-delivered by class teachers and by staff from the two local School Completion Programmes: BEST (Ballymun Educational Support Team) and Whitehall. Special Needs Assistants have also trained and assist in the delivery of programmes.  Children from Junior and Senior Infant classes participate in Dina School where they are introduced to Dina Dinosaur and her friend Wally, Molly and Tiny Turtle during class time. These puppets are integral teaching tools to the 60 lesson curriculum which consists of 20-30 minute circle time lessons which incorporate the use of small group practise activities to promote key skills. The programme emphasises training in skills such as emotional literacy, empathy or perspective taking, positive communication skills, problem solving strategies, anger management and appropriate school behaviours. Dina School lessons aims to promote children's positive self-esteem and social and emotional competence.  

Parent Programmes

The Basic Parenting Programmes are co-delivered by CAFTA (Ballymun's Community and Family Training Agency), Home School Community Liaison Co-ordinators and including more recently the Co-ordinator of Whitehall School Completion Programme.  Parents and primary carers including grandparents and/or other relatives of children aged 3-10 years attend the Basic Parenting Programme. The programmes run one morning a week for 12 weeks and cover all the basic aspects of parenting as well as offering help to individual parents who find their child's behaviour challenging. The aim of the programme is to enhance; positive parenting interactions, coaching and attachment with children and proactive discipline. Local schools host the programmes with 9 programmes delivered annually.

Teacher Classroom Management

The Teacher Classroom Management Programmes are co delivered by Archways, BEST and youngballymun. The teacher programme is a 5 day programme delivered one day over a 5 month period thus enabling the teachers to implement and test the strategies they have learned during the training. It is designed for teachers of children aged 4-12 years but is also open to school counsellors, psychologists, teaching assistants and after-school support workers. The programme aims to enhance; teacher classroom management skills, proactive discipline, positive teacher-pupil relationships, effective behaviour plans and teaching regarding social and emotional regulation skills. It also encourages positive teacher-parent partnerships