Sharing Our Learning

As a Learning Community, we are committed to ongoing learning, reflection and enquiry with local and national partners

  • Sharing practice experience, research evidence and evaluation findings to improve children's health, mental health and education
  • Sharing research, policy development and advocacy on prevention and early intervention
  • Sharing our model of work with other communities to assist in addressing the effects of  poverty and disadvantage on the lives of children, young people and families

Sharing our practice, integration and evaluation experience in area-based prevention and early intervention with other communities to tackle the effects of poverty and disadvantage on children

The second and final phase of youngballymun's strategy can deliver significant benefits to other disadvantaged urban communities seeking to drive improvements in education, health and mental health outcomes for children, young people and families on a whole-community scale.  youngballymun with its partners, has specific expertise in the embedding of evidence-based practice into mainstream services to children and families, and the implementation and evaluation of evidence-based practice in the context of a real world service environment. youngballymun has developed significant skills and capacity in the processes integral to the development of integrated services. We are actively engaged in sharing our learning with, and in turn learning from, other communities.

Prevention and Early Intervention Policy and Advocacy

To support our core mission and objectives of measurably improving education, health and mental health outcomes for children and young people at risk of poverty and disadvantage, we actively contribute to the national policy and practice development. We do this in a range of ways:

  • Hosting annual conferences and regular discussion forums
  • Initiating policy development processes
  • Responding to requests for submissions to policy development on issues relevant to our work
  • Contributing to conferences, seminars and discussion papers
  • Collaborating with other prevention and early intervention sites and initiatives to share learning and communicate joint messages
  • Supporting child advocacy organisations and networks that seek to address issues relevant to the lives of children, young people, and families, particularly those with a clear anti-poverty focus

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