View studies and plans underpinning the youngballymun model. 

What We Do and How We Do It: Implementation in Action

In May 2015 youngballymun launched its practice guide - What We Do and How We Do It: Implementation in Action.

The document explains how youngballymun drives collective impact through collaboration with a wide range of partners, and sets out in detail the multiple components that together build up to deliver a comprehensive programme of services to children and families across the life course.   


Background documents

Before youngballymun was set up and during the service design phase of the work, scoping pieces of studies were undertaken to assess resources, capacity and need within the community.  Some of these studies are listed here:

Implementation Plan 2007-2016

As youngballymun moved from service development and design into the implementation of its services, an Implementation Plan was compiled which draws together the background story of youngballymun, the research and evidence that provides the basis for our work and the detailed service and evaluation plans.  Read the Implementation Plan here (pdf) 



Logic models

As our work has developed, we have drawn up Logic Models as one page descriptions of each of our services.